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Cyber attacks in India 2010 to 2020

Cyber attack in India 2010 to 2020
Cyber attack in India 2010 to 2020

Introduction to cyber attack in India

On March 2020 Ministers of Science and Information Technology answered a question that more than 1 crore 29 lakhs web sites are hacked in 2020. 2 crore 90 lakhs job less Indians private data leaked in web. These figures are not only numbers. These numbers compromises billions of user’s data. In the era of AI and machine learning, data is main ingredient for not only online crime but also physical world.

Let us have a look at the data insecurity, Cyber attacks in India, data theft happened in last decade in India 2010 to 2020

According to an International Security Intelligence Service report

28th June 2020 Cyber attacks in India

9 human rights activists in Republic of India were targeted as a part of a coordinated spyware campaign that tried to use malware to log their keystrokes, record audio,

25th June 2020 Cyber attacks in India

North Korean state hackers sent COVID-19-themed phishing emails to five million plus businesses and people in Singapore, Japan, the us, Republic of Korea, India, and also the Britain in a trial to steal personal and monetary knowledge

21st to 25th June 2020 Cyber attacks in India

Within the thick of escalating tensions between China and Republic of India over a border dispute within the Galwan Border area, Indian government agencies and banks rumoured being targeted by distributed denial-of-service originated by a PLA unit of Sanhai,China

5th October 2019 Cyber attacks in India

Republic of India alleged North Korean malware designed for Data extraction had been known within the networks of a atomic power plant.

15th March 2019 Cyber attacks in India

Following associate attack on Indian military forces in Kashmir, Pakistani hackers targeted virtually one hundred Indian government websites and demanding systems.Indian officers announced that they engaged in offensive cyber measures to counter the attacks.

27th December 2018 Cyber attacks in India

Italian company Saipem was targeted by hackers utilizing a changed version of the Shamoon virus, taking down many the company’s servers and private computers within the UAE and India.

23rdAugust 2018 Cyber attacks in India

North Korean hackers scarf $13.5 million from India’s Cosmos Bank when breaking into the bank’s system and authorising thousands of unauthorised ATM withdrawals, and also used Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (S.W.I.F.T) network for fund transfer.

17th May 2018 Cyber attacks in India

Security researchers reveal that the Pakistani military used Facebook Messenger App to distribute spyware to targets within the geographical region of diiferent Asian countries including Republic of India in an attack to disrupt health infrastructure and government portals.

22nd January 2018 Cyber attacks in India

. The most sought after national identity program UIDAI of Republic of India and its Aadhaar system area unit hacked by unknown actors, leading to the one billion Indian citizen’s private data become in open market.

19th August 2017 Cyber attacks in India

A state-sponsored spyware campaign targeted Indian various security entities and defence infrastructure .

12th February 2017 Cyber attacks in India

:Indian Central Bureau of Investigation known as C.B.I and armed forces officers were targeted by a phishing campaign supposedly targeted by dark web of Pakistan.

5th August 2016 Cyber attacks in India

Architecture and structural data relating to India’s Scorpène-class submarines were leaked from the French ship-builder DCNS in partnership with Spanish shipbuilding firm Navantia.DCNS and Navantia joint venture also builds submarines for Malaysia and Chile, and then won contracts to make submarines for Brazil and Australia.

30th December 2015 Cyber attacks in India

27,205 websites in India were hacked from unknown-resource . According to one popular survey agency as many as 72% Indian companies faced cyber attack by end of 2015 .

22nd March 2014 Cyber attacks in India

Indian Army and Indian’s premier defence research organisation DRDO computers (Defense analysis and Development Organization) were hacked, and also the Indian government warned that the spyware might scan the files of computers and even offline computers.

12th March 2013 Cyber attacks in India

The Indian Defence analysis Organization was hacked, with thousands of documents uploaded to a server with associate information science address in one of the province, China.

7th July 2012 Cyber attacks in India

: considered the biggest attack on Indian government networks, over 10,000 email addresses of prime Indian governance were hacked, together with officers within the Prime Minister’s workplace, Defence, External Affairs, Republic of India blames the attack on state actors without revealing the name..

5th July 2012 Cyber attacks in India

Indian service officers confirmed that an outbreak had collected knowledge from sensitive pc systems at the country’s Visakhapatnam based Naval command headquarters and sent the sensitive data to Chinese based server addresses.

The virus allegedly entered the Navy’s network via infected USB drives, that were accustomed transfer knowledge from standalone computers holding sensitive files to networked systems.

7th March 2012 Cyber attacks in India

:\ India’s Minister for Communications and Information Technology disclosed during a written reply to a Parliamentary question that 112 government websites had been compromised from Dec 2011 to month of Feb 2012.

Most of the incidents concerned web site disfiguration and plenty of of the hacks perceived to originate from Pakistan.

31st Dec 2011 Cyber attacks in India

CERT (Computer Emmergency Response Team) informed about a total number of 219 Indian Govt web sites hacked by various hacker groups.

15th December 2010 Cyber attacks in India

.India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) web site ( was hacked and knowledge erased.

Sensitive CBI data, keep on pc not directly accessible from the web, was unaffected.

2nd April 2010 Cyber attacks in India

Chinese hackers reportedly poor into classified files at the Indian Defence Ministry and Indian embassies round the world, gaining access to Indian missile and armament systems.

10th January 2010 Cyber attacks in India

.\ India’s National Security Advisor(popularly known as NSA),Mr M. K.Narayanan, intimated that his workplace and different government departments were attacked by China on month of Dec 2009 .

The Prime Minister’s workplace later denied that their computers had been hacked.Narayanan informed about the fact that their were several attacks happened previously to penetrate Indian government computers.

Few Earlier cyber attacks in India

September 2009: Indian Home Ministry officers warned that Pakistani hackers had placed malware on popular music download and transfer sites employed by Indians in preparation for cyberattacks.

The days of Republic of India 2008 rumoured that associate Indian official defendant China of hacking into government computers.

May 2008. The Times of India reported that an Indian official accused China of hacking into government computers. The official stated that the core of the Chinese assault is the scanning and mapping of India’s official networks to gain access to content in order to plan how to disable or disrupt networks during a conflict.


The above mentioned data about mostly historical. Where India were top prioritised country for three months in 2019. In Covid-19 situation, the hackers are more effective than the pre-Covid-19 situation. Some of the important servers and govt data centres remain unattended due to shortfall of man power. 24/7 surveillance systems are in auto pilot mode in Covid-19 period. With deteriorating relation between India-China resulted ban on 59 Chinese mobile apps in India. The demand for a common cyber command is now become very high.


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