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Cyber crime on Facebook and how to complaint

Facebook cyber Crime
Facebook cyber Crime and it’s prevention with process to complaint

Cyber crime on Facebook and How to file complaint on Facebook crime ?

Facebook is world’s largest social media platform and India is its largest user-base. Since huge number of profiles are publicly available cyber criminals are using Facebook as a tool.

How Facebook crime is being done ?

In 2016, a teenaged girl had registered a complaint for online blackmailing in Hyderabad, India. When the investigation was carried out, it was found that thousands of girls getting trapped. It was very well organised.

Interestingly, only Facebook was used and nothing else.And the activity was done effortlessly.First of all, the criminal creates a fake Facebook profile with a random girl’s name.And starts checking random girls’ profiles.Prepares a target list of girls who are teenagers and school/college goers.

All of us know that in Facebook profiles we have personal information like school, college current city graduation year etc.

How Cyber Criminals find target in Facebook

Criminal creates a fake Facebook profiles with fake name and identity as a girl.

Then, he search or browse various girls profile with similar school/college , graduation year, admission year, age, location, religion etc. He prepares a list of Facebook profiles.

After that he creates 10-15 more fake Facebook profiles all with names of girls but very intelligently he keeps the personal information of all fake profiles similar to the personal information of target girls’ except for graduation year.

Increase mutual friend for Cyber crime on Facebook

Now sends the friend request to all target girls.50% gets hit due to same school/college details but only a different graduation year.He goes to the friends list of the girls who accepts and starts sending friend requests to all the available girls. Now the hit % is little higher as there is a mutual friend. He does it repeatedly and becomes a mutual friend for 1000s of interconnected profiles.

Now sends messages to all girls who accepts the request. Some girls reply, some don’t.He takes his own time,3-4 months to build their trust and confidence.

Beginning of the trap

He represent himself as highly qualified person so use sophisticated language.Continues the chatting for 3-4 months. No obscenity.During these 3-4 months, he collects all the personal information with some social engineering techniques.Now as the chat was on for 3-4 months, some level of trust is already built. Now, suddenly he starts sharing his fake personal information (as a girl) like boy friend details etc.

If one of our friends share some secret information with us we think that he has become a close friend.We think that the relationship is more stronger now. The girls’ think the same.And starts sharing their personal information.This continues for a while and sharing the selfies, photographs of family members etc. become common.Obviously the criminal shares morphed/fake pictures of himself (as herself) and family members.In exchange, the girls also do the same.

Suddenly picture exchange cross boundary

Now, from normal photographs, in the next level it goes sharing semi nude photos which are usually morphed or randomly collected from in the internet.In exchange, he asks for similar photos of girls.Since they are very good friends now in the view of girls, they start sharing the semi nude photos as well.Since all these girls are from teenage group, there are hormonal changes and so much curiosity so all these exchanges then comments, compliments and discussion on the shared photos continues. Till now, no obscenity, no vulgar language used and no blackmail.No chance of any doubt and suspicion. The girls think that they are best friends now.

Entry of new character to commit crime

Now, he creates another fake Facebook profile again with a girl’s name and sends friend requests to his own fake profiles and accepts it.Now he sends friend request to same girls from this new fake profile.It also gets hit because of mutual friends. Even if it doesn’t get accepted, he sends their own photos collected from first set of fake Ids.

When these girls get their own photos from a random profile naturally they starts chatting with the new profile.asking who are you, from where did you get the photos? All the question and answer session is on.Now, he narrates a fake story saying that the photos are for sale on the Internet.

For the first time, he introduces a male character.Says that there is a guy who is his friend (fake girl’s) who likes her and he tried to remove the photos from the Internet.

Story as a saviour of Girls

He quarrelled with someone and got injuries too. He share the fake photos of injuries.Now the girl is in confusion with so many questions.New profile? Boy? Photos on the Internet? Injuries? etc.This continues for a while and slowly the girl starts believing this as well.Now the guys comes in the picture with a fake identity and starts communicating via phone calls.He uses the personal information collected from the first set of fake profiles and makes her believe that he knows her from a very long time.

Now the targets are 3 things.

  • If he likes the girl he tries to get involved in a physical relationship.
  • He tries to get the money from the girl for getting the photos removed from the Internet.
  • If he doesn’t succeed in the first two, he tries to get the private photos of her friends and relatives for getting her photos removed from the Internet.

Girls Trapped in Cyber crime on Facebook

Now these girls don’t discuss anything with their parents thinking that the family would get angry.

In teenage, usually the confidence levels are high and the girls think that they could handle anything on their own and starts sharing these photos as well.

They believe that this would solve their problem.Now, he is committing the crime anyway and making these girls commit crime as well. He is making a crime tool out of them. Once a girl gets trapped, it becomes become almost impossible to escape.

Prevention is better than cure

To avoid all Cyber crime on Facebook

  • First of all, check whether you children need a smart phone considering their age and requirement.
  • Second, if there is computer system at your home and it is connected to the Internet or your children go to cyber cafe in the name of assignments, project work etc.and browses Internet during late nights monitor them and set a time-table for accessing it.
  • Third, speak to them and create awareness about such issues and explain the precautions.

Procedure of cyber crime complaint for Facebook

Cyber crime on Facebook and How to file complaint on Facebook crime that we must know. We should aware of the law and its enforcement agencies in India. Here is how to file complaint on Facebook crime
If there is no cyber cell in you vicinity you can file an FIR in any local police station.
Cyber crimes fall under global jurisdiction so they can be reported irrespective of crime location.
If your complaint doesn’t get accepted in the police station, you can approach the Commissioner of Police
or the Judicial Magistrate of the city.

Alternatively, you can report it online through the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. The victim can file complaint anonymously

Do not publicise your private data in public or social media.


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